Friday, December 30, 2011

End Abusive Speed Traps in Greenwich New York

Greenwich NY has a number of highly travelled roads outside the town with the same 30 MPH speed limits it has in their downtown area. These areas don’t have schools, developments or any other characteristics that warrant these extremely low limits. The limits are well below what any rational, prudent, law abiding citizen would reasonably expect and are not justified by the road and traffic conditions.

There are other areas in the town with shopping plazas, gas stations, coffee shops and homes that have higher limits of 40 MPH, giving any rational person reason to believe the only reason for the excessively low and unexpected speed limits is to raise revenues visa vie the issuance of speeding tickets.

Everyday, local police patrol these unreasonably low speed limit districts and aggressively issue speeding tickets. Not only is the issuance of those tickets unfair they are also prejudiced. Tickets are never issued to local lawyers, politicians, business people and of course other police officers. It is “profiling” and simply compounds the unfairness and injustice. This is as unfair as it would be to only ticket African Americans or Jews or Women or any other law abiding segment of our society.

The town’s tactics are notorious enough that law firms from out of that immediate area have websites dedicated to capitalizing on the injustices. Try searching “Greenwich NY Speeding Ticket”.

I recently received one of those tickets. I was told by a local lawyer, “you are 100% right, however, there is no way to beat them.” is my answer to him and the Greenwich Community. It is a site where, at the very least, anyone is free to publically express his or her outrage at these unfair tactics.

To the community that elected these corrupt leaders and turn their heads everyday to these unfair acts, I boycott all local businesses there and encourage everyone to do the same until these practices stop and the powers that be publically apologize. This is a community that is economically faltering and their belligerent welcoming strategy can only ill serve them.

I also encourage you to write, call and email these local “leaders” and express your opinion. Silence and apathy only passively encourage the status quo.

The Village of Greenwich Board of Trustees"

David Doonan, Mayor
The Village of Greenwich Board of Trustees:
Cathy Brown
Dorothea Casey
Lyle Hayes
Tim Taylor
George Bell, Chief of Police
Chris Copeland, Chamber of Commerce